SAIT Youth Initiatives is pleased to share a series of launch workshops created to better serve the local community’s needs, giving youth access to unique resources free of charge.

Designed for teachers, educators and guidance counsellors supporting Grades 10 through 12 students, our tailored workshops are geared toward creating greater educational awareness, successful career and education transitions, and youth empowerment.

Our workshops are between 60 and 90 minutes in length. Some presentations can be adjusted if needed.

We can conduct two workshops within the same day for educators and community practitioners who have a longer amount of time they would like to fill.

Available workshops

Transitioning into post-secondary

The move between high school and post-secondary is no small feat. While the change in environment is full of excitement and adventure, there can be moments when students feel nervous about the unexpected.

This workshop aims to support students in building greater awareness and confidence as they transition into post-secondary.

In this workshop, we review: 

  • student aid and financial support options  
  • accessing information, community support and resources  
  • expectations vs. reality of post-secondary transition (housing, transportation, combating loneliness and isolation, mental health and self-care)  
  • SAIT campus. 
We also facilitate a Talking Circle activity about what people need to feel supported at home and on campus. What is expected and what is not?

Preparing for post-secondary 

Researching and preparing for the post-secondary environment can be a scary thought, but students do not have to do it alone.

This workshop supports youth in building the confidence and understanding needed to feel empowered in navigating the world of post-secondary education.

In this workshop, we seek to get students excited about post-secondary education by exploring:

  • post-secondary options (university/theoretical learning vs. polytechnic/applied learning)
  • personal programs
  • education pathways such as dual credit, academic upgrading, certificates, degrees, diplomas, etc. 
  • SAIT’s application process, timelines and what to expect after you apply
  • financing post-secondary education   
  • student life and values.

Funding your education

Choosing an education and career pathway for post-secondary education is hard enough, but this information session aims to support youth in navigating how to pay for their education.

This workshop will cover the various options and processes for student aid, scholarships, apprentice loans, national and provincial grants, and other funding resources.

Educational pathways navigation

Many youth take a gap year between completing their high school education and starting their post-secondary education. This can look like academic upgrading or getting a job, but why stop there?

This workshop aims to introduce various programs and options at SAIT and within our greater community to inform students about the possibilities and opportunities that can present themselves during and after high school.

Career and employment skills

Preparing for the workplace might seem scary, but it doesn't have to be!

We recommend this session for students who want to learn how to build their resume, write a cover letter and practice their interview skills.

Students get a chance to explore how to effectively network, navigate job search tools, and understand the transferable skills necessary in today's world of work.

Career exploration

In this workshop, students begin building career awareness with career exploration.

Students will learn to connect the dots between their interests and potential career paths. Participants take the time to identify their interests and skills while exploring long and short-term options to help them plan for their future careers.

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