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A visionary leadership development approach tailored to the needs of your leaders in the 21st Century.

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The SAIT Advantage

SAIT prioritizes continuous learning, hands-on experience and holistic growth, both at an individual level and within the larger ecosystem of your organization.

We meet your leaders where they are at — Leading Beyond Any Title is curated for you, your teams and your organization.

About our webinar series


The Leading Beyond Any Title training journey empowers your leaders to navigate complexity, drive innovation and shape the future of success for your enterprise by developing a cohesive ecosystem of leaders who collaborate, inspire and leverage through a renewed perspective of ‘how’ as opposed to relying on the ubiquitous ‘what’ of leadership.

Partnering with SAIT will help you:

  • Build leadership culture. Reinvigorate your leadership culture and presence with spirit, commitment and resilience.
  • Improve collaboration. Through trust, relationship and purpose, your leaders will find ways to create, innovate and collaborate beyond the ordinary.
  • Foster excellence. The culture of leadership excellence is contagious - spark your potential for high performance and accountability.
  • Highlight the value of your leaders. Show value for your leaders, build and grow beyond the technical skills, and nurture the whole individual.
  • Create a sustainable future. Fill your leadership pipeline toward a stronger, resourceful and healthy future.

If leadership is the cornerstone of a company’s growth and success, the compounded return of investing in your leaders’ development is crucial.

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Results: A curated approach to leadership development for Parkland

Continuous learning can make the difference for an organization, but how do leaders integrate development into their journey?

"SAIT has a tremendous reputation in this space,” says Keagen Cave, Director, Talent Management at Parkland Corporation. “Upon discovering how SAIT could design a ‘fit for Parkland’ program to meet the development needs of our leaders, we knew we had a trusted partner to deliver on the program.”

Balancing the needs of the business, the team and the leaders has led to a curated approach to leadership development founded on six key intelligences: adaptability, emotional, collaborative, digital, social and psychological safety. SAIT’s Leading Beyond Any Title corporate training program combines these with the specific competencies of the organization.

“The feedback from the pilot program exceeded our expectations; participants agreed the content was relevant, meaningful and immediately transferrable back to their leadership day jobs. As a result, we are proceeding with the program in 2023 and doubling program attendance with two cohorts. By the end of the year, more than half of our leaders at the Director level will have completed the program.”

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