What sets SAIT Corporate Training apart

Flexible solutions

We offer tailored courses, customized programs, and professional development options to empower individuals, organizations, and communities to overcome attraction and retention challenges.

We help clients grow their talent pipeline by creating cultures of learning and development for the next generation of workers and leaders.

Organizational development

Our clients seek SAIT training programs to invest in their workforce by advancing skillsets, pursuing new industry trends, and enhancing both individual and cohort-based leadership development.

Our clients turn to us for boosting employee retention, productivity, business expansion, culture transformation, and leadership development.

Quality instruction

We pride ourselves on post-secondary quality curricula, client-centric program customization, expert instructors and subject matter experts, modern training facilities, and knowledgeable and passionate project teams to deliver training from start to finish.

Developing tomorrow's energy solutions requires bright, open and curious minds to help us look at problems differently. SAIT-trained energy problem solvers contribute fresh insights, ignite innovation and find unique solutions.

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Leading Beyond Any TitleTM

Join us online for our leadership development webinars, offering a cutting-edge approach tailored to meet the unique needs of 21st-century leaders.

Our training journey empowers leaders to navigate complexity, drive innovation and shape the future of success for your enterprise by developing a cohesive ecosystem of leaders who collaborate, inspire and leverage through a renewed perspective of ‘how’ as opposed to relying on the ubiquitous ‘what’ of leadership.

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The partner you want. The solutions you need.

Companies - locally, nationally and internationally - choose SAIT because we take the time to intimately understand your business objectives, operations, values and culture. Here are some of the organizations we've worked with.

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Results: connectFirst finds an edge with the right training

Clare Clarke has undergone a lot of training throughout her career. But she knew immediately there was something special about the “Leading Beyond Any Title” training she received last year from SAIT.

“It went beyond the typical training and tapped into the emotional intelligence side of business. Once you’re making that connection, you’re flipping everything on its head and creating a different lens to look at any situation,” says Ms. Clarke, Director of Learning and Growth at Calgary-based connectFirst Credit Union. “For me, this stands out.”

Companies are always looking for an edge. They’re challenged to enhance performance, boost productivity, reduce turnover and improve their culture. Investing strategically in corporate training can help to address all of these goals.

Ms. Clarke loved her SAIT experience so much that she has spent months working with the facilitators to tailor leadership learning for the rest of her financial teams. This past spring, groups of up to 25 employees from connectFirst began a six-month SAIT training session.

“I’m confident that we’re going to have a different result than we’ve probably ever had when we’ve done any leadership training,” Ms. Clarke says.

Custom-built programs

We work closely with you to build practical, applicable and real-world-focused programs in the following areas:

 Digital transformation


 Business acumen

 Leadership development


 Energy and environment

 Project management


 Skilled trades

We reduce time to competency with effective skills-based training for immediate on-the-job application.

Results: Leadership through applied learning

Rocky View County, a municipal district in southern Alberta with a population of about 41,000, has been partnering with SAIT in the delivery of talent development for more than a decade.

The courses and the training strategy support the County’s learning and development mandate: to drive continuous learning and performance improvement and to optimize employee learning experiences.

“We’ve heard the training is a real highlight,” says Carolyn Jonsson, Learning and Organizational Development Advisor, at Rocky View County. “It’s a strong engagement piece for people at the County.

“There’s a really strong focus on applied learning — on seeing a clear line of sight between the training and how the knowledge, tools and skills acquired apply to the workplace and the department.”

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