The SAIT identity story

Our logo is a powerful emblem of SAIT's unique community and learning experiences. Each element of the identity is embedded with meaning:

Our "Catalyst" symbol

The emblem in the SAIT logo is called the Catalyst - an activator of change. SAIT's symbol is forged by five s-shaped connectors representing the people and relationships that define us:

  • students
  • faculty and staff
  • alumni
  • employers and partners
  • the diverse communities we serve

As the connectors weave together, they create a series of interlocking infinity symbols that reflect the breadth of our offerings and the world of opportunities SAIT enables.

The star that emerges at the heart of our Catalyst expresses our passion for excellence as professionals and as a community.

SAIT's international outlook and global collaborations are echoed in the spherical shape of our symbol.

Our colours

SAIT red and blue are defining elements of SAIT's heritage. We've complemented our heritage colours with more energizing hues to reflect our diversity, adaptability and innovation.

Our typeface

Modern, bold typography energizes our visual expression. Details count. The SAIT wordmark includes proprietary detailing on the upward stroke on the letter "A" to project our future-forward attitudes.

We are a one-of-a-kind home for shapers, makers and groundbreaking originals. Ever-evolving, dynamic and flexible — all the elements of SAIT's visual identity system help express our character and bring our brand story to life in exciting, vibrant ways.

Requesting the SAIT logo

Due to trademark specifications and the need to uphold our logo's image, third parties must request the logo through the Marketing department.

Complete our Trademark License Agreement (TLA) form to request a logo.

Request to use the SAIT logo

The logo cannot be released until both parties mutually agree upon and sign the completed TLA form.

What is a Trademark License Agreement (TLA)?

A trademark license agreement is a process by which a trademark owner allows a third party, the licensee, to use registered trademarks (logo) on sponsorship/merchandise/marketing/advertising materials under a license agreement.

Who is required to fill out a Trademark License Agreement (TLA)?

Any third party; "third party" is classified as an external party (outside of SAIT); vendors, suppliers, industry, partners, sponsors, etc.

  • Do SAIT Employees need to complete a TLA?
No, SAIT employees requesting the SAIT logo do not need to complete a Trademark License Agreement. However, employees do need to follow the SAIT brand guidelines around the use of the logo. Please request the SAIT logo by emailing us.
  • Do SAIT Students need to complete a TLA?
SAIT Marketing does not release the logo to SAIT students for usage within student projects, student clubs, websites, resumes or student business cards. If a student requires the use of the SAIT logo for a specific purpose, please contact us.

Where do I find the online TLA form?

You can access the form here.

What is the process?

Once the TLA form has been submitted, SAIT's Marketing department will review it and provide approval. When the form is approved an automated email will be sent to the third party with the countersigned agreement, SAIT’s logo files and brand standards guide.

How long does it take to receive the SAIT logo?

SAIT's Marketing department will review submission forms and provide approvals within 5 business days.

Brand guidelines

These guidelines cover all the basics you need to know about applying our positioning, identity and visual platform. See our brand guidelines.

If you have any additional branding questions, please contact

a view of the moutains and stream in between

Oki, Âba wathtech, Danit'ada, Tawnshi, Hello.

SAIT is located on the traditional territories of the Niitsitapi (Blackfoot) and the people of Treaty 7 which includes the Siksika, the Piikani, the Kainai, the Tsuut’ina and the Îyârhe Nakoda of Bearspaw, Chiniki and Goodstoney.

We are situated in an area the Blackfoot tribes traditionally called Moh’kinsstis, where the Bow River meets the Elbow River. We now call it the city of Calgary, which is also home to the Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 3.