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Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant

Rehabilitation Therapy Assistants support physiotherapists and/or occupational therapists helping clients regain mobility, recover from injuries and overcome challenges to become independent.

Key Skills IconKey skills

  • Physical and mental fitness
  • Observation and organization
  • Patience and empathy to deal with people under physical and emotional stress

Working Conditions IconWorking conditions

  • Health care clinics, private practices, schools and homes
  • May be required to work evenings and weekends
  • Physically demanding

Is it a good fit? IconCareer potential*

  • Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physiotherapist

*May require additional education.

Related or similar careers

  • Ophthalmic Medical Personnel
  • Physician Assistant
  • Recreation Therapy Assistant
  • Speech Language Assistant

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Average SAIT graduate employment rate (2017)*
*Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant


Average salary (Alberta)*


Median SAIT graduate salary (2017)*
*Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant

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