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Innovative Leaders - MGMT 1

Course Description

Incorporating creativity in business

From the development of language to the use of tools, all great human innovation and achievement has relied on the expression of creativity. As the speed of change continues to increase, so does our need to remain creative. Strategies that were effective 10 years ago no longer generate the same result, and strategies that work today, may not work in the future.

To help manage rapid change, teams and organizations are required to constantly reinvent themselves. With the advent of the information-age and, more notably, the Internet revolution, it is not access to the information that drives success; it is what we do with the information that matters most. This depends largely on creative capacity.

This course provides a set of creativity tools and strategies that participants can use to become more creative in their professional roles and the material will demonstrate how to facilitate brainstorming sessions within teams or organizations.

Credits: 0

Equivalent Course(s):

MGMT 261




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