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Pro tips for happy campers

A glowing yellow tent illuminated from a lantern inside, set against a wooded surrounding and starry night sky.

Pointers, must-see’s and recipes to make your next camping trip the best one yet

Nothing says summer in Canada like cozying up by a campfire under a blanket of stars.

We’ve rounded up tips from the SAIT community to help elevate your next outdoor adventure. Campfire orange muffin, anyone?

A retro recreational vehicle parked in a wooded area with a starry night sky above.

Hit the road safely

Whether you’re traveling in a car or something a little larger, it’s important you make sure your vehicle is roadworthy before heading to your destination.

🚌 Check out RV maintenance tips from instructors of SAIT’s Recreation Vehicle Service Technician Apprentice program.

DYK? SAIT students were involved in helping country singer songwriter Paul Brandt give his vintage 1973 Airstream trailer a brand new look.

A girl in sunglasses stands in front of an outdoor wall mural of a vintage truck.

Stop to smell the wild roses

It’s another summer of staycations, and Alberta is home to plenty of hidden gems worth exploring.

🗺 ️ Break up your drive with a stop at one of five destinations you won’t want to miss from SAIT Travel and Tourism grad Sydnee Bell. She’s even broken down the best local eateries and Instagram-worthy photo-ops!

Steaks, chicken breasts and a cast iron pan of zucchini cook atop a campfire.

Level up your camping cuisine

Skip the 12-pack of hot dogs and treat yourself to a full-on forest feast. For dinner, try a perfectly-cooked steak on your portable BBQ or campfire grill courtesy of Butchery and Charcuterie Management instructor Ray Bucknell’s fool-proof method.

🌿 Interested in gathering edible stalks, leaves, roots and berries in the wild? Chef instructor Andrew Hewson offers tips for foraging.

Orange peels filled with chocolate chip muffin mix sit atop a campgire grill.

Don’t skip dessert

Cap off your meal with something sweet by the fire with these recipes from SAIT Chef instructor Michael Dekker:

🍊 Campfire orange muffins — Make your favourite muffin mix at home ahead of time, storing in a Ziploc bag. Cut oranges in half and scoop or eat out the centers. Cut the corner of the Ziploc bag to easily pipe the mix into the orange peels, then roast over the fire until cooked through.

🍫 Campfire cones — Start with waffle cones and fill them halfway with pre-made brownie mix. Next, add fun toppings like mini marshmallows and Smarties. Wrap the cones in tinfoil, roast over the fire and dig into chocolatey goodness.

A man bends down to take a photo on his camera in the woods.

Capture camping memories like a pro

According to SAIT instructor Christina Ryan, great photography is all about finding the right light, composition and moment.

📷 When it comes to outdoor photo shoots, sunny days provide harsh, contrasting lighting that’s unflattering for people. Opt for shadier areas for more even lighting, or snap your pictures during golden hour — an hour before dusk and first thing in the morning, when the sun is lowest in the sky.

Adventure awaits

We’d love to see how you’re spending your summer! Tag us in your camping adventures using #hereatSAIT.


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