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Instructors honoured with a gift to the RTBN program

Amanda Kitt (RTBN '17) organized a group of fellow classmates to make a $100 donation in honour of their instructors.

Graduating classes come and go, but for eight Radio, Television and Broadcasting News (RTBN) students, a successful diploma was plenty of inspiration to give back.

Not wanting the hard work of their instructors to go unnoticed, these radio graduates made a donation to the RTBN program of $100 in the names of three of their instructors: Beesley, Richard Stroobant and Louise Lutic. 

"This program is so amazing, and it prepared us for the industry so well," says Amanda Kitt, organizer of the students' donation. "We really enjoyed the program and wanted to show our instructors just how much we appreciate everything they do."

Giving back

The group met with their instructors on the last week of classes to surprise them with the donation certificate.

"I was speechless, which is a first for someone who has spoken his entire life," says Beesley, a radio instructor at SAIT for five years and the voice of the Calgary Flames. 

"I was emotionally moved by the gift. We are recognized by our peers and superiors but never have we been given a token of appreciation from our students like this — ever."

Richard Stroobant, also a radio instructor, deemed the gift "the ultimate compliment." 

"These students work so hard while they are here, not just completing the program, but also holding down jobs while going through school. For them to want to give back to SAIT and to our program is just absolutely incredible."

Making an impact

Now graduated, Kitt and her classmates are reaping the benefits of their instructors' industry experience as they search for and navigate new careers.

"They go above and beyond," says Kitt. "There's so much more work behind the scenes than people realize." 

Kitt hopes the gift will impact future generations of RTBN students in a meaningful way."I know things are a little tight everywhere right now, so if that $100 can go to a couple boxes of paper so students next year can print off their scripts, then I'm happy to give back." 

The RTBN program continues to require support as it evolves to meet the demands of new technology and industry shifts in Calgary, but student gifts like these show promise for the future.

"The care and attention of what we did in our careers in radio will be carried on by the next generation of students who have become our colleagues, and will share their passion for an industry that we want to see survive," says Beesley. "Radio is in good hands."

Written by Jolisa Tweedie (JA '17)

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