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SAIT expands its global partnerships in China

September 17, 2015

David Ross shakes on an agreement with a representative from Guangdong University.

When it comes to its commitment to partnerships in applied education, SAIT is engaging the world. And the world is responding.

A delegation from Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology (GDUPT) based in Maoming, a major oil and gas centre in China met with SAIT executives and toured the campus.

The result? The two institutes signed a Memorandum of understanding to explore opportunities to share information, experiences and expertise in technical training and applied education. 

These opportunities include:

  • Increasing global learning opportunities for students
  • Developing twinning and other joint programs
  • Creating new or joint credentials
  • Enhancing professional development/exchanges for faculty and staff
  • Developing mutually beneficial industry partnerships for industrial training and applied research initiatives
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