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Team captains

Team captains are a vital link in the communication process between the Intramurals staff and the individual participants. Team Captains are responsible for obtaining and understanding all Intramurals information, passing onto team members and checking ongoing activities. 

Captain’s responsibilities

  • Attend all mandatory meetings 
  • Relay schedule changes to your team
  • Inform all players of policies, procedures and rules
  • Ensure players sign-in on game sheets and signs to verify score and fair play 
  • Ensure your team treats officials with respect
  • Informing the Intramural Coordinator as soon as possible if their team is unable to attend a game at intramurals@sait.ca 
  • Maintain a cooperative attitude with all Intramurals Officiating Staff; serves as an example of good sportsmanship for others to follow
  • Is the first line of communication in game situations

Mandatory in-person captain’s meeting

Fall term: Sep. 20, 2017, 5 - 6:30 pm
Orpheus Theatre, Campus Centre.

This one- time meeting is mandatory for all team captains in order to be eligible to play intramurals. We require at least one person to represent each team. If no one is represented, the team will not be scheduled.

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