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Laptops and Hardware

Laptop (e-Learning) Program

Students in laptop (e-Learning) programs are assigned a SAIT-issued laptop or device with the necessary software, files and applications needed for their studies. E-Learning students are required to use this as part of their program.

SAIT classrooms are outfitted with power, network plug-ins and/or wifi for students to access online resources during class. Students will use their laptop or device to complete assignments, review course material or possibly complete exams. Details relating to course delivery are program-dependent, so please consult with the applicable program administrators for specific information.

Although e-Learning programs do have some distance delivery features, they are in-class and instructor-guided — attendance is required.

A $400 refundable security deposit must be paid prior to picking up the SAIT-issued laptop. This fee is assessed with your tuition and fees.

Laptop Programs

Administrative Information Management

Information Systems Security

Architectural Technologies

Information Technology

Bachelor of Science Construction Project Management


Civil Engineering Technology

Legal Assistant

Electronics Engineering Technology

Object Oriented Software Development

Engineering Design and Drafting Technology

Office Professional

Film and Video Production

Radio, Television and Broadcast News

Your tuition must be paid or your student loan funding must be confirmed to pick up the laptop. Make sure you bring your SAIT student ID card.

e-Learning Services

The e-Learning team provides technical assistance and hardware support to students and faculty associated with the e-Learning programs. The team manages, distributes, and repairs e-Learning program-specific laptops, instructor workstations, and lab images at SAIT. 

Bring your own device

The Bring your own Device (BYOD) program is for all new students starting in the Bachelor of Business Administration degree and Business Administration diploma (full-time).

Computer requirements

Other SAIT programs that have specific computer or device requirements will list those details in the 'Costs and Supplies' section of the program page.

Tech Corner

Find out more about educational discounts and refurbished laptops at the SAIT Bookstore's Tech Corner.

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