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Volunteer and make a world of difference

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Is volunteering on your "To Do List" this summer? Are you considering fundraising or volunteering for a cause that is near and dear to your heart?

Your actions, big or small, can make for an unforgettable experience and change someone else's life for the better. Learning about another person's daily struggles, their culture or their day-to-day lives can make a huge difference in your life as well. The article Have a Heart for Volunteering: Helping Yourself by Helping Others illustrates this by outlining the benefits that volunteering has on others and your own health and well-being.

We also have books that let you learn more volunteer organizations and the ways they shape our communities. Such as:

  • Miracle on Centre Street: the Story of Calgary's Mustard Seed Street Ministry by Gerald W. Hankins
    • In this book, Gerald Hankins examines the escalating problems of the homeless and street people in Calgary. Whoever they are and whatever their plight, the Mustard Seed opens its doors to them and offers food, a warm place to stay, and sometimes even a fresh start.
  • Cool to Be Kind: Random Acts and How to Commit Them by Erik Hanson, Val Litwin, Brad Stokes and Chris Bratset
    • Four twenty-something Canadians guys packed up a motor home and embarked upon a three month nonprofit marathon known coast to coast as The Extreme Kindness Tour. Their mission was to perform as many  random acts of kindness in as many communities as possible.

Volunteering can provide you with new opportunities to meet other people, allow you to embrace other cultural traditions and perhaps go on a new adventure. And it might even give you a new perspective about the quality of your own life too. There's many opportunities to make a difference, both here at SAIT through SAITSA's volunteer programs and across Calgary.