Design, Fabrication and Testing

SAIT's applied research department is highly focused on quality prototype design, testing and fabrication.

Through over a decade of working with our partner organizations, ARIS researchers have developed an array of capabilities that help companies make their ideas a reality. Designing solutions, developing and fabricating them, then testing them to validate their effectiveness - all pivotal components of our success. And this means success for the industry partners that rely on us through the pre-commercialization phase of taking an innovation to market.

Project examples include the design, fabrication and/or testing of:

  • Olympic skeleton sleds
  • Downhill and cross-country skis and ski components
  • Post-surgical boot
  • Asthma drug delivery device
  • Lighter-weight materials for hockey skate fabrication
  • Off-road, motorized wheelchair
  • Mobile systems for soil and water remediation

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In the development of a new technology or process, one of the most challenging things can be design. SAIT's researchers and industry partners work together to create innovative solutions. Our solids modelling lab and experienced staff facilitate technology development using computer aided design and 3D scanning and printing. This allows for the creation and testing of iterative prototypes for field-testing before moving to more expensive materials.

Recently, we worked with SAIT's Career Exploration Centre to design and fabricate an interactive 5.9-litre Cummins diesel engine.


The fabrication facilities at ARIS include mid-sized rapid prototyping, small-scale injection molding and composites fabrication labs. In addition, our industrial-scale Enerplus Centre for Innovation is equipped with a waterjet cutter, state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment, and a full complement of metals bending, cutting and welding equipment. Our composites fabrication capabilities include molds, finished fiberglass components and custom finish coatings.

ARIS has a long history with the sliding sports: designing, fabricating and testing everything from luge sled runners up to fully customized bobsleighs and Olympic skeleton sleds.


Industry partners have access to a full complement of materials-testing equipment. Our destructive and non-destructive testing equipment enables companies to decide on the best components for the development and prototyping of their technologies. In addition to our Materials Testing Lab, our Green Building Technology Access Centre houses large-scale destructive testing equipment for evaluating the integrity of building materials.

ARIS researchers recently worked with a downhill ski developer to test the viability of hemp as a structural component.

Leveraging Your Resources

As a leading postsecondary in applied research, we work with companies to leverage their innovation resources. On average, ARIS industry partners are awarded $6.7 million a year in grant funding to support new technology development.  

For design, fabrication and testing services, email or call us at 403-284-7056.