Film and Video Production

Program Description

 Shooting for Success - film, video, journalism and new media courses from SAIT Polytechnic Film and video products entertain us, challenge us, impact our understanding of current events, heighten our awareness of social issues, and even influence our buying decisions. Be a part of this cultural phenomenon, and enrol in the Film and Video Production (FVP) program.

The FVP Program prepares you for a career in one of Canada's fastestgrowing industries. You will learn the fundamentals of scriptwriting, producing, directing, cinematography, sound recording, editing and the business aspects of the film and video industries.

FVP is delivered in a unique environment that combines traditional teaching methods with team and project-based learning in a hands-on production model. In your second year, you will have some opportunity to specialize. You will also be assisted to find a practicum opportunity, so that you can gain firsthand experience and make contacts in the industry. You will study for a total of two years to achieve your diploma. Each academic year is divided into two 15-week semesters.

All Film and Video Production students are required to participate in laptop learning, a package of services that includes a PC laptop computer, a suite of software, full Internet access, training and technical support.

Your Career

Upon graduation, you may find employment in television series, movies of the week, feature films, commercials, music videos, documentaries, specialty channel programming, public service or corporate productions. Most entry-level work is available on a freelance or contract basis. A growing number of entrepreneurial graduates contract their services to multiple clients. Some start their own businesses and employ others. This industry is always hungry for creative new talent. Graduates of this program are working primarily on term specific projects and for organizations such as Renegade Arts Entertainment, Corkscrew Media, and Guest-Tek..

Student Success

  • Applicants with previous academic success are usually more successful in SAIT programs.


Shooting for Success - film, video, journalism and new media courses from SAIT Polytechnic