Chemical Laboratory Technology 2

Chemical Laboratory Technology

Program Description

Chemical Laboratory Technology combines a laboratory orientation with a broad theoretical background to provide students with the skills needed to work alongside professional chemists in a wide range of industrial and research settings. The program's training in fundamental chemical principles, basic laboratory techniques and modern chemical instrumentation enables graduates to adapt to exciting technological advances in chemistry.

This program is currently only offered full time; distance and continuing education options are not available. Each academic year consists of two 15-week semesters and students generally take two years to complete the program. All students must pass the pre-requisite courses before proceeding to the next courses. A co-operative work study program in Chemical Technology is also offered following the third semester, combining the traditional academic program with a 12 month paid term of related industrial work experience. Co-op students are selected from those who have successfully completed the first three semesters of the Chemical Laboratory Technology program. CHEM 325 (Technical Project and Report) is a one-week industry practicum for all graduating students, excluding the co-op class. This practicum will take place in February.

Your Career

Graduates find work as chemical technologists, laboratory technologists, research technologists, technical sales and service specialists and technical assistants in the chemical industry. Opportunities exist in petroleum and natural gas processing, petrochemicals, metallurgical refining, food and beverage processing, agriculture, environmental consulting and government departments of agriculture, forestry and education.

Student Success

Students with higher grades and recent upgrading in Math 30 (Pure Math) and Chemistry 30 will experience more success in this program.

Additionally, students who experience success in this program have good work ethics and communication skills.