Web Developer

Free information session

Wednesday, April 15 at 7 pm in room MD321, Stan Grad Centre, SAIT Main Campus

Email fast-track@sait.ca to confirm your attendance

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Applications for Fall 2015 are accepted Oct. 15, 2014 to Sep. 8, 2015
Applications for Winter 2015 are accepted Aug. 1, 2014 to March 2, 2015

Program description

Can you imagine a world without the Web? Can you make it through a day without accessing an online service like Google, Facebook, or Wikipedia? Would you like to be a part of the industry that invents and advances the tools that make the online world possible?

SAIT's new 23-week Web Developer program will provide you with the skills required to enter this exciting field. Whether you want to create corporate websites, develop your own consulting business, or create the next hot Web service, this program will help you develop the creative and technical skills to design and construct user-friendly websites. Social media, multimedia, and e-commerce integration, web analytics, design tools and techniques, and career/consulting essentials will also be included. After 15 weeks in class, enhance your training and start your career with an 8-week industry practicum.

Your Career

Graduates may find employment as a web developer, web designer, webmaster, Intranet developer, and web analyst.

Student Success

Students with higher grades usually experience more success in SAIT programs. This is an intensive program requiring a commitment of both time and energy; students who experience success are those who make their education a priority throughout the program.

Ideal Applicant

The ideal candidate for the Web Developer (WBDV) program will be both creative and technical in nature. You are collaborative and work well in teams. You are capable of learning independently and enjoy selfdirected study. Most importantly, you possess some previous knowledge of web development programming languages.