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Tuition fee refunds for students enrolled in full-time day programs

Are you eligible to receive a refund?
Dates are critical in determining whether you will receive a refund of fees, and how much you will receive. Please read the information below to determine your eligibility.

Refund of tuition fees
The following refund procedure applies for students withdrawing from a program:

  1. If a student cancels prior to the program term start date, the student will receive a full tuition refund excluding the non-refundable tuition deposit ($250). Students may provide Student Services with a verbal cancellation notice before the first day of class. 
    Note: The $250 tuition deposit is only applicable to new students starting first semester. 
  2. If a student cancels on the first day of classes and before the end of the add/drop period for the applicable semester (e.g. fall, winter, or spring), the student will receive a 50 per cent tuition refund excluding the ancillary fees and non-refundable tuition deposit ($250). Students may provide Student Services with a verbal cancellation within this time frame.
  3. If a student withdraws after the drop/add period, the student will not receive a refund unless there are mitigating circumstances determined by the Registrar or designate. Students must complete and submit a Program Withdrawal (Withdrawal from SAIT) form.

Note: Any student expelled from SAIT for any reason, is not eligible for a refund.

Add/drop period

The date for the Add/Drop period is based on the term length. Please see below for the period length for your course.

Term length Add/Drop period
13 or more weeks Second Friday from program term start date
8-12 weeks First Friday from program term start date
2-7 weeks Two (2) days from program term start date
Less than two weeks There is no add/drop period

Contact Student Services at:
Phone: 403.284.7248
Toll Free: 1.877.284.7248

Steps to follow to receive your refund

  1. Check the criteria in the above refund of tuition fees information to see if you are eligible.
  2. Write a letter of intent to cancel or complete a Program Withdrawal form based on the criteria above. A hard-copy of the form can be obtained from Student Services or the Academic School.
    Note: Students who do not inform Student Services of their intent to cancel (or submit a Program Withdrawal Form) will not be refunded and will still be held responsible for fees assessed on their account.
  3. Submit your completed Program Withdrawal form to Student Services office within the approved time frame along with a letter indicating your reason for withdrawal and documentation supporting your withdrawal (i.e. doctor's note).

SAIT Students' Association fee refund

Students who withdraw before completing their program of study will not receive a SAITSA refund for any academic term completed or partially completed.


For Continuing Education students

Refund eligibility
To cancel your registration and be eligible for a refund, Student Services must receive notice.

Cancellations may be submitted by email, mail, fax, in person or verbally by phone. In all cases, a minimum administrative fee of $50 plus any applicable service costs will be retained from the course fee.

For Continuing Education courses

An administrative fee of $50 is retained for:

  • Courses of 18 hours or greater, notice is required no later than 4 pm prior to the second scheduled class.
  • Seminars/short courses/Sport Camps (less than 18 hours, or five or fewer consecutive days), notice is required three full working days prior to class commencement.

For Distance Education and eCampusAlberta courses

  • Notice of course cancellation must be received by Student Services before 25 per cent of the original course time has elapsed in order for a student to receive a tuition refund. 
  • SAIT will retain a minimum administration fee of $50 plus the shipping and handling fee charged on your order.

Course materials

  • Please refer to the course package you received for information on whether or not you are eligible for a refund on unused materials. If you are eligible for a refund on unused materials, please return your materials to the Distance Education Office, Room NN204. Do not return materials to Student Services.

Students in the Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accountants (CAPPA) computer based training courses are not eligible for refunds.

Emergency Medical Responder (EMR): Notice of cancellation is required 10 full working days prior to course start date. Administration fees and course materials are non-refundable. 


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When to expect your refund

Refunds are processed via the original method of payment. Refunds may take approximately four to six weeks unless requested earlier via .

Refunds for students who paid by cash, cheque, money order, online bill payment and Interac are issued refunds directly to the students address on file in the form of a cheque. Alternately, these refunds may be processed in person by presenting valid picture ID and an Interac card to the Finance office in MC201.

Refunds for students who paid by VISA or MasterCard are credited to the account number of the original and valid credit card used to pay the student's fees. After has been notified, the credit card statement should indicate the refund in approximately three to five business days from processing.

If student loan funding has been received and a student is no longer attending SAIT all refunds will automatically be returned to Student Aid Alberta.

Sponsored Students refunds will be issued directly to the sponsor in approximately four to six weeks. Any student suspended or expelled from SAIT for any reason, is not eligible for a refund.


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Student indebtedness policy

A student shall be considered indebted to SAIT when monies for fees, or any form of material or service, have not been paid to the Institute or when library books or equipment of any kind have not been returned.

Indebtedness to the Institute will result in:

  • Cancellation of registration
  • Inability to register in further programs and courses
  • Withholding of student's transcript and credential
  • Withholding of student loan funding
  • Withholding of any refunds; including SAIT Students' Association fee refund

SAIT may employ the services of a public collection agent to recover overdue amounts.