Motorcycle Safety and Maintenance Training

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Motorcycle Safety and Maintenance Training courses offered by SAIT and Blackfoot Motosports have been designed to give new and seasoned riders the knowledge and awareness to learn, or improve their existing riding skills and road safety awareness. Both the theory and hands-on motorcycle courses are facilitated at the Art Smith Aero Centre. Our training motorcycles are supplied by Blackfoot Motosports, and offer the student the opportunity to learn on the latest equipment, in a safe and controlled environment. Our partnership with Blackfoot Motosports provides students with access to a number of different motorcycle models and sizes giving each rider a customized learning experience.The SAIT Motorcycle Maintenance course is offered at the SAIT Main Campus.

The SAIT Motorcycle Safety and Training Course is certified by Alberta Transportation, as are all of or Motorcycle Training instructors. SAIT also offers the largest unobstructed training area in the province!

NEW for 2016

Motorcycle Class 6 Road Test Preparation (MOTR-134)

Motorcycle Class 6 Road Test Preparation provides learners with a one-on-one mock road test. Feedback specific to a learner's performance on the mock road test is given to help improve his/her skills. We highly recommend students who are interested in taking their class 6 road test enroll in this course.

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Admission Requirements

MOTR 139: Motorcycle Operation and Safety

  • Students must sign a liability waiver before participating in MOTR-139
  • Students must bring a heavy jacket (leather, denim or other heavy material), gloves, and ankle high minimum shoes or boots for MOTR-139.
  • Helmets are available for those riders who don't have their own.
  • View the Motorcycle Operation and Safety Handbook.

MOTR 134: Motorcycle class 6 Road Test Preparation

  • Students must have completed an Alberta Transportation approved motorcycle safety course within the last year (MOTR 139). We will accept applicants who have completed motorcycle training through Alberta Transportation approved motorcycle training providers other than SAIT within the last year, however proof of training and course success is mandatory.
  • Returning SAIT students who have completed can use our motorcycles/helmets. Students who have not completed MOTR-139 must rent a SAIT Motorcycle and are required to bring their own helmet. Contact 403.210.4052 for more information.
  • Students must sign a liability waiver prior to participating in MOTR-134.
  • Students are required to wear proper safety apparel for this course. This includes a leather or denim jacket, ankle high shoes/boots, gloves, DOT approved helmet.

MOTR 118: Motorcycle Maintenance

  • Knowledge of the owner's manual is necessary and the student is requested to bring it to first class as well as their own motorcycle.
  • Must be a current motorcycle owner/operator and familiar with your motorcycle.

Icon Legend

Motorcycle Maintenance MOTR-118 This course is offered through a classroom. 2 Weeks Spring/Summer
Introduction to Motorcycles MOTR-119 This course is offered through a classroom. 1 Day


Motorcycle Operation and Safety MOTR-139 This course is offered through a classroom. 3 Day


Motorcycle Class 6 Road Test Preparation NEW MOTR-134 This course is offered through a classroom. 1 Day Fall

SAIT Motorcycle Courses FAQ

  • Where is the training held?
    Both the classroom and on-road Motorcycle Safety training is held at the state of the art SAIT Aerocentre, 1916 McCall Landing NE, Calgary. The Aerocentre is a professional education facility, with state of the art classrooms and media technology. The on-road Motorcycle Safety training location is the only obstruction free motorcycle training area in Calgary; no curbs, trees, or other dangerous obstacles exist in our training area. SAIT's facility is also the largest training lot in Calgary at over 1.5 ACRES. The SAIT Motorcycle Maintenance course is held at the SAIT main campus.
  • What do I need to take the course?
    For the theory portion of the course, no equipment is required. For the riding portion of the course (MOTR-139; Motorcycle Operation and Safety), you will need a DOT approved helmet (preferably a full face helmet), ankle high boots, gloves, and either a heavy denim or leather jacket. Long pants are also required. 
  • Do you supply helmets?
    Yes, helmets are available for those riders who don't have their own.
  • Do I need to have a motorcycle to take the course?
    No, Blackfoot Motosports provides SAIT with motorcycles for students to use during the course.
  • What types of bikes will we be riding?
    The SAIT Motorcycle Safety Course offers the students a chance to ride a variety of motorcycles to ensure they get a chance to try different riding styles. The motorcycles are brand new, supplied and kept in excellent condition by our industry partner Blackfoot Motosports. We have small motorcycles, cruisers, sports bikes, scooters, and duel sport motorcycles.
  • Can you accommodate larger or smaller individuals?
    Yes, we have a variety of different motorcycles to suit different riders including smaller dirt bikes, enduros, cruisers, and sport bikes.
  • Do you run the course if it's raining etc.?
    We are prepared to train as long as conditions are safe. The SAIT Motorcycle Safety Course has a distinct advantage however, as the surface of our training lot is unique compared to other training facilities, and offers superior traction, and water dissipation
  • Will the SAIT Motorcycle Safety course prepare me for my road test?
    The SAIT Motorcycle Safety course focus is on rider safety, however, skills taught during the course will help the student when challenging the Class 6 license. SAIT also offers a one hour road test preparation course (MOTR 134) which is an invaluable preparation for the Class 6 road test. We highly recommend students take Class 6 Road Test Preparation (MOTR 134) prior to the Class 6 Road test exam.
  • Will I receive a deduction in my insurance after taking the course?
    Insurance deductions are at the discretion of your insurance provider. That said, many insurance providers offer deductions for clients if they have taken a Motorcycle Safety Training course.
  • Do you offer group training?
    Yes, we can arrange custom training for small to large groups. Please contact 403 284-8004 for more information.
  • Do you offer one on one training?
    Yes, please call 284-8004 for information and scheduling one on one training.
  • Do you offer Class 6 Road Testing?
    Yes, students enrolled in MOTR-139 will be able to take the Class 6 road test through SAIT using a SAIT motorcycle if necessary. We offer road testing on Sundays and during the weekdays at two separate Calgary locations.