Apprenticeship Blended Learning Option

SAIT offers a blended learning option (online apprenticeship courses combined with on-campus labs) for the following trades:

What is blended learning?

SAIT's blended learning programs allow apprentices to perform their theoretical training online before coming to SAIT's state-of-the-art labs and shops to complete the hands-on portion of their training. Blended learning apprentices typically spend half the time at SAIT compared to what is required by a full-time apprenticeship student.

In the online environment, students use multimedia simulations, videos and electronic apprentice assessments while interacting with their instructors in a virtual classroom.

The advantages of blended learning

Find out more about how you can learn while continuing to work with SAIT's Blended Learning programs. The Blended learning program offers the best of both worlds for apprentices and employers. It's the easiest way for apprentices to keep working while completing their education, plus it allows employers to keep skilled workers on site for longer.

Blended learning apprentices will receive the same instruction as those in a block release program, but will have a greater amount of time to complete the theoretical portion of their training; programs that are traditionally completed in eight weeks are completed in eight to 16 weeks with blended learning.

Additional benefits include:

  • Enjoy the privileges of a traditional apprenticeship student, including full access to SAIT amenities like the Library.
  • Access to excellent instructors throughout your online and in-class training.
  • Assistance in preparing for your practical exams.
  • The ability to take the Alberta Apprenticeship Technical exam at SAIT.
  • Benefit from the use of state-of-the-art training equipment.
  • Engage in a highly successful program with a high pass rate.
  • For out of town students, spend less time away from home to complete your training.

Is blended learning training right for me?

Apprentices that are most likely to find success in the blended learning format have typically earned high marks in their previous training periods, are self-directed and enjoy working at their own pace. Although you have access to industry-trained instructors throughout your studies, you are responsible for setting the pace of your own learning and must complete the content in the required timeframe.

Students who are most often successful in this approach:

  • Achieved an average grade of 80% or better on the last training period.
  • Commit time each day to the program (approximately 10 hours per week is required).
  • Are self-disciplined and motivated to work through an online program.
  • Set interim goals and stick to them.
  • Clearly communicate questions and challenges to the course instructor.
  • Have access to and are comfortable working with a computer.

How to register for apprenticehip blended learning

Students must first register with Alberta Apprenticeship Industry and Training (AIT) before they can register for a SAIT apprenticeship program.

Following admission, students will receive information from SAIT with the materials they need to begin the theory portion of their training. Once the online modules are completed, the students will come to SAIT to complete the in-class section of their training.

In order to complete each period, all blended learning apprentices must complete all of the online modules and the in-class labs.

Visit for more information and program start dates. To register for apprenticeship training at SAIT, contact Student Services at:

Phone: 403.284.7248
Toll-free: 1.877.284.7248
Fax: 403.284.7112

For in person registration, visit:

SAIT Student Services
Room MA211, 2nd floor, Heritage Hall
1301 - 16 Ave NW
Calgary, AB
T2M 0L4