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The SAIT /ACAD /Jubilee station will be under construction from June to November, but impact on the SAIT community should be minimal.  CTrain platform expansion project

The SAIT /ACAD /Jubilee station will be under construction from June to November, but impact on the SAIT community should be minimal.

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Who is eligible to receive the U-Pass?

All full-time SAIT students attending at least nine hours of class time per week for the duration of the 15-week semester. Students must be attending classes on campus during this period.

The nine hours of class time can consist of credit courses, non-credit courses, or a combination of both.

Who is NOT eligible for the U-Pass?

Based on the eligibility criteria, there are some students and/or programs that do not qualify.

These include:

  • apprentices (mainly due to the length of their year of study being less than 15 weeks),
  • students on practicum (due to the practicum not being held on SAIT campus),
  • any program having less than 15 weeks in a given semester,
  • students taking less than the required hours, as well as the public, alumni and contract staff.

Why am I not eligible for the U-Pass?

The U-Pass agreement is negotiated every two years between SAIT and the City of Calgary. The next contract negotiation will commence June 2012. The terms of the current contract mandate that only eligible students can receive the U-Pass. An eligible student is defined as attending at least nine hours of class at the SAIT campus each week for 15 weeks during that academic semester.

SAIT must adhere to the terms of the contract in order to continue providing the program to our students.

Are Continuing Education students eligible to receive the U-Pass?

Continuing Education students are eligible to receive a U-Pass if they are registered in at least nine hours of classes per week (for the entire semester).

Are there any other options for a discounted pass from Calgary Transit?

You may qualify for the Low-Income Monthly Transit Pass, check the eligibility requirements on the Calgary Transit website or phone 403.262.1000 for more information.

I have no need of the Transit pass and do not feel that I should be charged for something I will not use.
This mandatory fee pays for a service benefiting the majority of SAIT students. If for some reason you cannot utilize your regular mode of transportation, or during inclement weather, isn't it nice to know you have an alternative?

Is there any way I can transfer my U-Pass to another person?

This pass is strictly non-transferable. It is important to note that any card believed to be fraudulently used or altered will be immediately confiscated by transit authorities and turned over to SAIT for further action.

You may be asked at any time to present your U-Pass to Calgary Transit security. The pass will be checked closely to ensure the ID picture and U-Pass sticker are correct.

When is the SAIT U-Pass valid?

A new U-Pass will be issued each semester:

  • Fall semester (September-December)
  • Winter semester (January-April)
  • Spring/Summer (May-August)

* There are absolutely NO extensions on expiry dates.

What if I lose my ID card with my transit sticker on it?

You will be charged $15 for a new card and full price ($117.00) for a new U-Pass. This charge will be levied to all staff and students.

How do I get my U-Pass?

Visit Student Services in room MA211 on the second floor of Heritage Hall. In order to pick-up your U-Pass, you must have a valid SAIT ID card, which is available through Student Services.

Regular business hours for U-Pass and ID cards:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 8.15 am to 4:30 pm, and Wednesday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

What will happen if I am caught riding the Transit system with an expired U-Pass?

You will be presented with a fine by the Transit Security authorities.

Please Note:
Although you have been automatically charged for the U-Pass, it is your responsibility to pick-up the sticker at Student Services in room MA211, on the second floor of Heritage Hall. The U-Pass will be applied to your current student ID card.

Any questions or concerns regarding the U-Pass please email

The U-Pass is a SAIT privilege so please remember to be kind and courteous to all Calgary transit employees.

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