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Whether you're just starting out in your first semester or finishing your last and getting ready to graduate, you are now well on your way to establishing an exciting new career. Here you'll find the news and resources you need to be successful as a SAIT student. Check this page often for announcements and updates.


Protect your possessions

Campus security is reporting an increase in reported cases of theft on SAIT's campus. Please be sure to take precautions such as:

  • Do not leave your backpacks, purses, cell phones or laptops on tables or benches unattended. 
  • At the Wellness Centre, store valuable belongings with Wellness Centre staff in their front-desk lockboxes.
  • Never leave valuable belongings inside your car - store belongings in the trunk or take them with you.
  • Always lock your bicycle to a designated bike rack.
  • Never leave your cell phone unattended while charging in a classroom, lab or public place - even if the room is locked. 
  • Never let anyone "piggy-back" into a secure area. If someone is trying to get into an area (an office, a building or a cubicle-area) behind you, ask them to call Security for access. If someone is authorized to be in the area, Security will grant them access. 
  • Add your contact information to your cell phone lock screen so a found phone can be quickly returned to you. 
  • Ensure that you have a picture of your bicycle and the serial number recorded for easy reporting.
  • Contact Security immediately when you believe something has been stolen or if you observe any suspicious behaviour.

Check your drinking: take the online survey to find out how your drinking habits compare to others your age. Check Your Drinking

Do you wonder if you drink more than other people your age? Check Your Drinking is a confidential online screening tool that can help you learn about your alcohol use and how it compares to other Canadian post-secondary students.

About the Check Your Drinking tool:

  • It's an anonymous survey that allows you to better understand your drinking habits in private and at no cost to you.
  • It only takes a few minutes to complete.
  • You receive a personalized report that helps you better understand your own situation and decide if you would benefit from changing your drinking habits.

Contact SAIT's Student Development and Counselling at 403.284.7023 or drop by MA 205, Heritage Hall if you have questions or would like to talk directly to a counsellor about your alcohol use.

Take the test now.

Download the new SAIT appGet the SAIT app 

Download SAIT's app for Apple iOS, Android and Kindle operating systems.

The app was designed with student feedback and has all new features including:

  • Remember me feature so you only have to log-in once to get your class schedules and grades;
  • Get directions to SAIT buildings from your current location;
  • Find hours of operation for food outlets and recreation facilities;
  • Stay connected to SAIT through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

For instructions on how to download the new app, visit the SAIT app page