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Grants, Funding and Bursaries

Government Grants

Student Aid Alberta provides grants to full-time and part-time students in need of additional funds to meet their educational expenses. Students planning to study in post-secondary programs can apply for grants when applying for student loans. If you are a full time student, apply online. If you are a part time student, fill out and mail a part-time application to Student Aid Alberta (address is on form). Part-time status applies to students registered in less than 60 per cent of a full-time program load.

Skills Investment Program (SIP)

Government funding for tuition, books and living expenses is available for eligible students planning to take English Language Foundations and/or Academic Upgrading. Contact Funding Advising if you have any questions or find out more about the full-time and part-time SIP application process.

Scholarships, bursaries and awards

SAIT administers an extensive variety of scholarships, awards and bursaries to encourage superior academic achievement or assist students in need of financial aid.

The list of awards available for each program is advertised through the academic departments each year and in the SAIT Student Awards Guide. A combination of bursaries and loans are also an option.

SAIT reserves the right to make adjustments to the amount or designation of published awards as circumstances require.

For a listing of all bursaries, scholarships and prizes available at SAIT, learners are advised to contact:

SAIT Alumni and Development
Heritage Hall, MA113
Phone: 403.284.7010
Email: scholarships@sait.ca

The Immigrant Access Fund (IAF)

Are you an immigrant and do you want to work in your profession or trade in Canada? The Immigrant Access Fund (IAF) provides micro-loans to immigrants who need help to pay for the costs associated with obtaining the Canadian accreditation or training that will allow them to work in their profession or trade. IAF loans help immigrants move out of low-level/low-income jobs, become self-reliant, and make their best possible contribution to Canada’s economy. For more information, visit Funding Advising in MC221, Stan Grad Centre or view the IAF website.