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Paying for It

Paying for your education may feel overwhelming but there are a number of programs and resources available to help you.

You can fund your education in the following ways:

Student loans
Consider applying for a government student loan to help finance your education at SAIT.

Alberta Works grants for tuition and living expenses 
Alberta Human Services sets aside grant funds for eligible Albertans studying at SAIT.

Federal government registered plans (RESPs, LLPs)
Check whether any of your family members have set up an RESP in your name or withdraw from your RRSPs as part of a Lifelong Learning Plan

Student Line of Credit
Many financial institutions offer a Student Line of Credit for those studying at a post-secondary level. For more information view financial institution websites and search student line of credit.

Awards - Scholarships and Bursaries
Entrance, general and program-specific awards are available to full-time students registered in a SAIT certificate, diploma, applied degree or apprenticeship program.

Funding for Apprentices
Several funding options are available for apprentices including incentive and completion grants,Canada Apprentice Loan, Alberta Works Income Support, and a variety of scholarships and awards. 

Canadian Forces Subsidized Education Plan
The Canadian Forces Subsidized Education Plan for non-commissioned members will cover your education and training costs in eligible SAIT programs. You'll receive a salary, vacation, and medical and dental benefits while going to school.  For more information please visit www.forces.ca.