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Department Contact List

Name Position Telephone Room
School of Business

Main Office


403.284.8485 N701

David Ower

Dean 403.284.8950 N701

Janet Segato 

Associate Dean 403.210.4505 N701
Sherry Williams
Executive Assistant 403.284.8873 N701
Hamad Aljufairi
Administrative Assistant 403.774.5379 N701
Crystal Janzen Receptionist 403.284.5190 N701
Lynn McKenna Supervisor, Student Advising and Program Administration 403.774.5381 N709B
Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting)
Heather Boyd Student Advisor 403.284.8743 N701
Stephen Bergstrom Academic Chair 403.774.4912 N501
Administrative Information Management & Office Professional
Sarah Ibrahim Student Advisor 403.284.7294 N701
Karen Baldwin Academic Chair 403.284.8597 N901
Business Administration 

Gillian Peel

Student Advisor 403.284.7002 N701
Margerri Pilao Student Advisor 403.284.7123 N701
Sarah Ibrahim Student Advisor 403.284.7294 N701
Tim Spielman Academic Chair - Financial Services and Accounting 403.774.5152 N501
Gursher Pannu Academic Chair - First Year  403.774.5161 N801
Deepa Acharya Academic Chair - Marketing and Management 403.774.4707 N1001
Sheila Leblanc Academic Chair - Supply Chain and Human Resources 403.774.8059 NN215F
Ross Humby Academic Chair - Business Administration 403.774.5112 N602
Legal Assistant 
Margerri Pilao Student Advisor 403.284.7123 N701
Karyn Kraemer Academic Chair 403.210.5816 N901
CGA, Accounting Partnerships
Andrew Julio Student Advisor 403.284.7162 NJ212
Adam Burke Academic Chair 403.210.4426 NJ212
Lola Eleyinmi Administrative Assistant 403.774.4674 NJ212
Joseph Macdonald Training Consultant - Continuing Education/BADM 403.284.8404 NJ212
Program Assistants
Lori Kennedy Program Assistant 403.774.5181 N602
Falara Peek Program Assistant 403.774.5159 N701
Maggie McDonald Program Assistant 403.774.5333 N701
Continuing and Distance Education
Fax: 403.284.7086
Accelerated Accounting 403.284.8789 NJ212
Continuing Education General Business 403.210.4340 NJ212
Distance Education Support Services 1.888.284.7051 NN204
Victoria Morneau Student Advisor 403.284.7309 NJ212
Joey Post Student Advisor 403.284.8349 NJ212
Russell Wright Academic Chair 403.210.4479 NJ212
Gerry Osborne Program Administrator - Continuing Education 403.210.4340 NJ212
Lynn Gee Program Administrator 403.284.5245 NJ212
Joseph Macdonald Training Consultant - Continuing Education 403.284.8404 NJ212
Tracy Wrubleski Training Consultant - Distance Education 403.284.8160 NJ212
Tanya Kell Curriculum Development Coordinator 403.210.5655 N602
Doug Connery Curriculum Development Coordinator - Degree 403.284.7321 N602
Averill McPherson Purpura Curriculum Assistant 403.284.8405 N602
IT Support
Sean O'Donovan Technical Coordinator 403.210.4353 N808
Darrin Epp Business Technical Help Desk 403.284.8436 N910
Alan Oickle Technical Systems Analyst 403.284.7049 N808
Robert Martens PC Support Specialist 403.774.5009 N910
Marketing & Communications
Jessica Lindal Marketing Communications Strategist 403.284.7166 NN215G
Saroj Kler Communications Assistant 403.774.5269 NN215H
Patrick Meindersma Financial Analyst 403.284.8043 N708
Corporate Training Solutions
Fax: 403.210.4347
Brian Thompson Academic Chair, Corporate Training 403.284.8085 NJ211
Travis Ouchi Training Consultant 403.284.7186 NJ211
Claudia Jungert Training Consultant 403.284.7329 NJ211
Iris Wong Administrative Supervisor 403.284.8542 NJ211
Melanie Molloy Program Administrator 403.284.8833 NJ211
Alyssa Athanasopoulos Program Administrator 403.284.8303 NJ211
Vanessa Mendoza Program Administrator 403.210.4027 NJ211
Tzedal Teclu Program Administrator 403.284.8939 NJ211